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Business Start Up Coaching

In general, people who want to start their own business can be put into two categories:
The first group will consist of those who know exactly what they want to do and are looking for the opportunity and resources to do it. Some of them know it from an early age that owning their own business is right for them and follow the path of becoming an entrepreneur. This group of people will already have developed a lot of the skills necessary to succeed in their own field. They are pretty familiar with the business customs and business practices that can help during the start-up phase of any new business that they have already started up!

What if you are not in this group?

The second group consists of those who want to start their own business but don’t really know what they would like to do… and they are not sure of being an entrepreneur or business owner is right for them. Usually they are employed and waiting for an opportunity to arise or they are procrastinating. They may have developed some skills throughout the course of their employment and could be interested in starting a business in the same field they are currently employed in or want to discover different niches and business sectors.

If you are employed, you can also start your business on the side and benefit from working nine to five untill it takes off. Remember most of the succsesful companies in the world have begun as side projects while the owners working nine to five. This will help you to reduce the risks and gain extra time.

This programme is for employees who:

  • Have an idea but do not know how to or where to start
  • Do not have an idea and want to be free from nine to five work and willing to invest the time to figure it out what business is right to do and how to do it.
  • Have an idea but do not have the confidence to start up a business
  • Want to be his/her own boss, and do not like working under the pressure of a manager or boss but do not know how to start and where to start.
  • Lost the job, retired or made redundant and do not know where to start and how to start.

Owning your business is more than just another job. It is an entire lifestyle. One, that you must be ready to commit to and be dedicated to the success of it.

Here are the advantages that come with owning your business.

  • You have the chance to make a lot more money than you can make working for someone else.
  • You will set your limits
  • You will have the opportunity to gain financial freedom in the future
  • You will have the time flexibility.
  • You will control your own destiny.
  • You’ll be your own boss and make the decisions that are crucial to your business’s success or failure.
  • You’ll have job security for your life: no one can fire you.
  • You’ll have the chance to put your ideas into practice.
  • You may participate in every aspect of running a business.
  • You’ll be able to work in a field or area that you really enjoy.
  • You will have the opportunity to follow your passions and reflect them into your business.

If you are currently employed and are thinking about becoming a business owner and launching your own business you will benefit from developing essential skills that will make your business succeed. We offer business coaching services that are developed for your specific individual or business needs.

This programme will cover;

  • Planning your business
  • Creating a business model
  • Creating a business which matches your mission and values
  • Researching your market
  • Identifying the niche market
  • Creating a winning marketing plan for your small business
  • Creating¬† competitive strategy
  • Clear goal setting
  • Implementing the mindset
  • Developing leadership skills
  • Developing winning ideas for your business under the supervision of a professional and qualified business coach.

In this programme you will also learn,

  • How to identify winning thinking patterns which will help you to be succesful
  • How to transfer your skills in to your business
  • How to stop negativity and create opportunities
  • How to benefit from NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
  • How to set empowering mindsets
  • How to empower your self and others
  • How to boost your confidence in the business
  • How to develop vision and mission in your business life
  • The art of setting goals and following without giving up.
  • When you start your own company many work habits you had developed in the corporate world or as an employee don’t apply as an entrepreneur. You will learn the secrets of setting up new winning habits.

Detached from your limits and create your own destiny!

We do genuinely offer money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our services.

For more information about the business coaching services we offer, please feel free to Contact us and we will provide you with information about all the services we offer and how they are customized to meet your business or organization’s individual needs.


I always wanted the financial freedom of owning a business, but the risk of quitting my day job was daunting. I approached Business Owner Coaching for advice on how to make my entrepreneurial dreams come true while minimising risk and to learn the skills I need to operate a business. I'm still employed full time, but I'm also the CEO of a successful marketing business.

I had a business idea I thought would work, but I needed encouragement and practical advice about identifying my target market and niche. My coach worked with me, asking me questions that allowed me to articulate my business concept, choose a direction for my company and categorise my business needs. The course I completed helped me set up my business, from creating a business plan to finding financing to establishing sensible business practices.

I experienced tremendous personal growth during the training. My business coach helped me recognise and harness my strengths, develop my weaknesses, and expand my business skills. Although it took hard work and dedication, I know I'm in control of my own destiny and I'm proud of what I've achieved. My business has shown phenomenal growth and continues to grow every month. The skills I've acquired have helped me form solid internal and external business relationships and make the right decisions for my company. I know I'll be able to use them for the rest of my life.


David Howard, Business Owner: Redefined Media

After working in the production industry for more than 6 years, I felt that the time had come for me to take control of my financial wellbeing and live my passion by establishing my own production company. I was working as an employee at the time and had no idea how to go from working for someone else to becoming a business owner. I wasn't sure whether the benefits of entrepreneurship outweighed the risks and I realised that I needed help to find focus and direction.

Being talented and creative isn't always enough. I needed to develop my business skills, learn how to operate a business and how to manage financial and human assets. I couldn't interrupt my career to start over in formal education, and I didn't think I needed a diploma or degree to turn what I love into a business. I decided to approach Business Owner Coaching for guidance and advice.

My business coach helped me every step of the way, from finding my niche market and developing the backbone of my enterprise to formulating marketing strategies and company policies. We worked on my management and communication skills to ensure that I had the skills I needed to motivate my staff and engage my clients. My coach explained how to eliminate negative thoughts and focus on the positive aspects of my budding business. I soon realised what I stood to gain by committing to the coaching process and taking the leap.

I established a successful video production company with a constantly growing client base with the skills I developed after completing a Business Owner Coaching course. I use the skills I learned every day and my business is flourishing.