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Brendan Wall ,Business Owner Exclusive Audio Ltd

“Since working with Business Owner Coaching company,I’ve implemented better operational structure and launched my business internationally. I worked on the marketing strategies and developed strong online presence while working with the company. The work that I have put in throughout these times has started paying off. I feel as if a huge burden has been lifted from my shoulders. I highly recommend Business Owner Coaching.”


Jason Coyle, London, Business Owner MrCrumb

“We have worked with Business Owner Coaching company on both business and executive coaching. We found business coaches to be a genuine trainer who went over and above what was required to assist our team. I would highly recommend Business Owner Coaching for your consideration.”

Mo Tabreze, IP Ventures, Business Owner, London

Hi, I’m Tabs, owner and CEO of successful start up business.

Not so long ago, i was working in one of the well known corporate companies as an employee. Same usual days… nine to five settling for less, working under the pressure of a manager, feeling down and unappreciated  going to work and to work on an endless clock that never seemed to end…. I remember myself dreaming to own my own business when i was sitting at my desk and looking out the window, even walking to work but i did  not know how to start and where to start…I always wanted to work on my own time and have flexibility.. i felt like i could do more than what i was settling for and I could work in a field that I really enjoyed. It was looking impossible at the time.

One day i met one of my friends for a coffee who owns his business and he recommended to contact Business Owner Coaching.

That was the time my life changed. I signed up for the business start up coaching course.

Eight months later i was operating my successful start up business with my own idea with the help of business owner coaching.

I had a wonderful idea for a business, but I needed to develop my management skills and create a practical business plan with a clear vision. My business coach and I looked at everything in relation to start up business basics like formulating a business plan and company mission and vision, streamlining operations, and effective sales and marketing techniques. He adapted the business start up course I completed to address all the issues we’d highlighted and offered ongoing support while I worked on turning my idea into a successful business.

More than year has  passed since those days. I am now working from a coffee shop while enjoying my latte benefiting from the time flexibility and the technology. I can be anywhere at anytime all i need is my ipad to operate my business!

I definitely recommend Business Owner Coaching.

David Howard, Business Owner: Redefined Media

After working in the production industry for more than 6 years, I felt that the time had come for me to take control of my financial wellbeing and live my passion by establishing my own production company. I was working as an employee at the time and had no idea how to go from working for someone else to becoming a business owner. I wasn’t sure whether the benefits of entrepreneurship outweighed the risks and I realised that I needed help to find focus and direction.

Being talented and creative isn’t always enough. I needed to develop my business skills, learn how to operate a business and how to manage financial and human assets. I couldn’t interrupt my career to start over in formal education, and I didn’t think I needed a diploma or degree to turn what I love into a business. I decided to approach Business Owner Coaching for guidance and advice.

My business coach helped me every step of the way, from finding my niche market and developing the backbone of my enterprise to formulating marketing strategies and company policies. We worked on my management and communication skills to ensure that I had the skills I needed to motivate my staff and engage my clients. My coach explained how to eliminate negative thoughts and focus on the positive aspects of my budding business. I soon realised what I stood to gain by committing to the coaching process and taking the leap.

I established a successful video production company with a constantly growing client base with the skills I developed after completing a Business Owner Coaching course. I use the skills I learned every day and my business is flourishing.



I always wanted the financial freedom of owning a business, but the risk of quitting my day job was daunting. I approached Business Owner Coaching for advice on how to make my entrepreneurial dreams come true while minimising risk and to learn the skills I need to operate a business. I’m still employed full time, but I’m also the CEO of a successful marketing business.

I had a business idea I thought would work, but I needed encouragement and practical advice about identifying my target market and niche. My coach worked with me, asking me questions that allowed me to articulate my business concept, choose a direction for my company and categorise my business needs. The course I completed helped me set up my business, from creating a business plan to finding financing to establishing sensible business practices.

I experienced tremendous personal growth during the training. My business coach helped me recognise and harness my strengths, develop my weaknesses, and expand my business skills. Although it took hard work and dedication, I know I’m in control of my own destiny and I’m proud of what I’ve achieved. My business has shown phenomenal growth and continues to grow every month. The skills I’ve acquired have helped me form solid internal and external business relationships and make the right decisions for my company. I know I’ll be able to use them for the rest of my life.


I own and run Polish Bakery, a bakery specialising in Polish baked goods and breads. When I realised that my business wasn’t performing as well as it could and my employees weren’t working together as a team, I approached Business Owner Coaching for help. With the help of my business coach, I identified my business and training needs, from formulating a company vision to developing my management and communication skills.


During my business coaching course, I learned how to identify my company’s niche market and create a marketing strategy. I had been spending money on marketing before, but I was investing in all the wrong places. An effective marketing plan allowed me to save on advertising costs while increasing turnover. The Business Owner Coaching team also helped me mount a successful product launch, and the company’s ongoing support means that I never have to wonder whether I’m heading in the right direction. Better management and communication skills meant that I could inspire my team, and I implemented teamwork training and staff incentives. I worked with my coach to streamline my business operations, so my cash flow improved. These days I can spend more time developing new products because I spend less time worrying about invoicing, cash collection and debtor controls. I can rely on my team and delegate the tasks I don’t have time for, and our working environment is a happy one.


The investment I made in training myself and my staff has more than paid for itself. My business is expanding, I have controls in place to monitor sales and operations and my staff has never been happier. My product range is available in an increasing number of stores and my company has loyal customers who know they can expect quality products and excellent service.

Karl T., Business Owner: Polish Bakery

Nothing stifles your creative flair like sitting in an office day after day doing boring paperwork. I love fashion and I’ve always been creative – I’ve been designing and sewing my own clothes since I was a teenager. My friends and family always encouraged me to sell my creations, but I never had the courage to leave the security of my day job. Starting a family changed my outlook on working for someone else.


When I was on maternity leave after having my first child, I decided to make my daughter some special outfits. While I was busy, I realised that I could take care of her and sew complete outfits without becoming frazzled. I didn’t want to be a stay-at-home mum, but I didn’t want to miss out on seeing my children grow up. Flexibility became important to me, and the thought of opening my own designer boutique became increasingly appealing.


I knew I didn’t have the business skills I needed to be successful, so I signed up for a Business Owner Coaching course. Working with my coach made me realise what I needed to learn before setting up shop, how I had to go about starting my company and who I needed to employ to make it work. The coach helped me to understand that I do have what it takes to be successful and the training gave me the confidence I needed to open my first store.


My strength lies in design, so I design all my products and choose accessories and add-on items that complement them. The managerial skills I learned have helped me delegate tasks to my creation team and boutique manager. Although I work long hours, I can work when and where I want. The extra cash is also coming in handy with a growing family.


Skye Taylor, Business Owner: Creative Designs

At the end of the day if a client isn’t satisfied then that company did not do their job correctly. That is why we have two goals, to over deliver on every service we offer and to provide the best service possible to our clients. Here’s what a few of our clients have had to say about us.

“The tools and methods I learned from business coaching have been easy to apply to my daily business life. I find that the work habits and strategies I am developing benefiting my activities without me having to do much. This is an ongoing benefit in my day to day business activities.”


Jason R, Manager

“By incorporating the skills I learned from business coaching I was able to increase my business’ profit by 20% in the first 3 months alone. I have learned better strategy skills which make the direction of my company clearer than ever.”


Phillip S, Contractor

“I thought I was pretty up to date about all the new and effective marketing strategies that exist. When I began implementing the methods I thought were best I found that I did not see the results I should expect to see. After using the business coaching skills taught to me I have been able to set up a business that stands out from others in the area, has an enhanced presence online and I now know how to use online tools to reach more potential customers. My customer base increased significantly as my key marketing skills and knowledge increased. Although some of the concepts I learned about weren’t quite as straightforward as I thought, my individual coach made it easy to understand what some strategies and methods meant and how to apply them to my business to make it grow.”


Robert T, Small Business Owner

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